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What is the average age of your freshman student?

• 19-21 years old

How does a student take a class online?

• Students may apply online and receive a student ID and password. Once ID's are issued, students may access their appropriate courses from any computer by logging onto MY OLIVET.

What is MY Olivet?

• MyOlivet is the premier academic web portal created for students, staff, and faculty at Olivet. It supports the wide-ranging needs of an academic community. As a student you can use My Olivet to do things as: Viewing your grades, Use a class planner, Find contact information for participating classmates, search textbook prices and availability, Receive online academic counseling, Sign-up for workshops, Receive personal notifications, Create contracts for the Student Research Program and much more.

Log on at: http://www.olivetuniversity.edu/login/my/index1.htm

What is E-Library?

• E-Library is an Online Library, which offers students, a full complement of integrated virtual library services through its online platform at


The Library boasts an extensive collection of concordances, books, manuscripts, scholastic articles, video and/or audio documentaries.

The library's catalog is available online, and students can easily access a description of any item in the collection. Library books can then be delivered electronically to borrowers; offline articles and excerpts can be scanned and delivered electronically. In addition to its catalog, the library offers access to 30,000 e-journals. Availability of journals and texts is subject to change.

Can students get help with part time work while in school?

• The Olivet's Career Services Department offers internships and part-time job opportunities. For more information visit:


What about internships for students?

• Olivet Institute of Technology works with many ministries involved with students' program studies. Internship opportunities are posted on MY OLIVET.

What types of jobs do graduates get?

• Graduates take entry-level jobs in their focused fields. Many IT students work at ministry IT firms and companies.