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Courses in General Computer Science

T500 and IT510 Operating Systems I & II (4)
Study operating system design and real-world operating system implementations i.e. Windows, Unix, Linux, and operating system in hand-held devices. Topics include operating system architectures, virtual machine implementations, process management and synchronization, storage and I/O management, security, performance evaluation, operating system case studies.
Prerequisite: Data Structures

IT520 and IT530 Database Systems I& II (4)
Architecture, design and implementation of current database systems, database integrity and security, query optimization, concurrent control, advance in distributed database, database management.
Prerequisite: Data Structures or Instructor's Consent

IT540 Human Computer Interaction (4)
Topics include human-centered design requirements, assessment of the impact of the design on performance and product satisfaction, analysis of the design effectiveness, investigation into the social impact of ubiquitous computing environments in relation to privacy, security, inequality, and embodiment.

IT550 Information Storage and Retrieval(4)
With the advent of Internet, the sheer amount of information has been increasing greatly, which requires automated retrieval techniques to be effective and efficient. This course covers such techniques, some of which have been evolving for the past decades and others having been around only since the introduction of the Web. The main topic areas are: analysis of text and storage of its content; ranking, query processing and retrieval models; evaluations; classification and clustering; and more contemporary issues such as social search and object search.
Prerequisite: Data Structures or Instructor's Consent

Courses in Network and Distributed Computing Concentration

NS500 and NS510 Computer Networking I & II (4)
Introduce current network technologies. Topics include network architectures and protocols, application layer, TCP/IP model, link layer and LAN, and .network security
Prerequisite: Networking Fundamentals or Instructor's consent

NS520 Network Security (4)
Study principles of secure network communications, access control, security policy; conformance of implementation to policy. Discuss particular systems, protocols e.g., Kerberos, firewalls, various commercial standards.
Prerequisite: Networking Fundamentals

NS530 Wireless and Mobile Networking (4)
Study wireless network architectures – Cellular, WLAN, satellite systems, and mobile computing and its application design.
Prerequisite: Networking Fundamentals

NS540 and NS550 Distributed Systems I & II (4)
Study distributed system design and implementations, client-server and peer-to-peer systems, distributed communications, naming, synchronization, reliability, fault-tolerance, replication and consistency, cloud computing, real world implementations of distributed systems.
Prerequisite: Java Programming, Operating Systems Fundamentals, Networking Fundamentals.

Courses in Web Technology Concentration

WE500 and WE510 Web Technology and Development I & II (4)
Overview of current Web development on Web servers and browsers, programming development using XHTML, XML, CSS, Java script, PHP, JSP, Servlet.
Prerequisite: Data Structures, Java Programming.

WE520 Web Server System Design (4)
Study current trends of Web server system design and deployment of web-based systems using software engineering approach. Topics include JSP, Java Beans, Servlets, Struts, JSF, Ajax, Frameworks, and latest technology used in the Internet.
Prerequisite: Java Programming, Data Structures

WE530 Advanced Web Services and Programming (4)
Topics include service-oriented Web software development and programming, database access, 2- and 3-tier systems, objects and components, JAX-RPC, UDDI, WSDL, XML schema, and SOAP programming.
Prerequisite: Java programming, Data Structures

WE540 E-Commerce System Development (4)
Topics include E-commerce concepts, e-business systems and models, e-commerce security problems and solutions, e-trading methods, business framework for e-commerce applications, and web advertising and marketing. Prerequisite: Programming Fundamentals or Instructor's Consent.

Courses in Software Engineering Concentration

SE500 and SE510 Object-Oriented Design and Programming I & II (4)
Topics include object-oriented programming and design using the Java platform. MVC design patterns, Java threads, platform-independent programming, data base connectivity (JDBC), serialization, GUI Design.
Prerequisite: Java Programming, or Instructor's consent.

SE520 Software Engineering (4)
Study the development of large software project with emphasis on the object-oriented design and implementation. Design methodologies including the Unified Modeling Language, and design patterns. Java will be used as the example in the implementation.
Prerequisite: Java Programming

SE530 Software Engineering Processes (4)
Topics will cover all the software development processes in software engineering. Detailed explanation of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) – requirements, system design, programs design, coding, unittesting, systemtest, systemdelivering, and system maintaining. Different process models of software lifecycle in the software engineering are compared and contrasted.
Prerequisite: Data Structures

SE540 Software Quality Assurance and Testing (4)
Topics include software quality methodologies, inspections, static and dynamic test analysis, current advances in testing techniques.
Prerequisite: Data Structures

SE550 Enterprise Software Components development (4)
Application developments use component infrastructures, component frameworks; and integration techniques. Implementations use design patterns, UML modeling, database, user interface design, and component testing. Prerequisite: Java Programming, Data Structures

SE560 Android Programming (4)
This course covers fundamentals of software development for Android platforms. Basic Java development concepts for Android will be covered. Additionally, excursions into advanced mobile device development topics will also be covered. These topics may include: Camera and Imaging API, OpenGL ES and 3D Rendering for Mobile Devices, Fast CV for Computer Vision, NDK and Native Software Development on Android.
Prerequisite: Java Programming

Courses in Ministry Practicum and Capstone Project

MPI500 Summer Ministry Internship (4)
This course provides students ministry practice experience through participating real project in ministries affiliated with Olivet University during summer term.

MPI600-700 Ministry Capstone Project I-II (4)
This course is designed to satisfy the requirements for a capstone experience of master's degree in Information Technology.


IT660 Seminar (2)
This course will present current technology in the Computer Systems and Information Technology fields. Students can repeat this course up to four units.
Prerequisite: Permission from the instructor and/or the program director

IT 670 Special Topics (4)
The course will present special topics in the Computer Systems and Information Technology fields.
Prerequisite: Permission from the instructor and/or the program director

IT 680 Independent Study (4)
In this course, students can do independent research under the supervision of the faculty. Students can repeat the course once up to 8 units.
Prerequisite: Permission from the program director, and the Dean.