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1. What is the student course load?

Undergraduate students must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 quarter hours to be classified as fulltime; registration for a minimum of 8 quarter hours is full-time for graduate students. Special permission must be granted to enroll in more than 16 hours for undergraduate students or 12 hours for graduate students per quarter. Such permission must be approved in by the Academic Dean before registration. (From OU website)

2. How much homework is expected?

Workload and homework load is usually 3 hrs per day for full time students, however will vary depending on a student's time management. This may also vary depending on the type of class work and what is required from the professor.

3. What academic support is provided?

Olivet Institute of Technology provides study halls, computer labs, one-on-one tutorials, classroom services, and ESL study groups.

4. What is the average class size?

Olivet Institute of Technology tries to limit its class sizes in order to provide a more interactive environment for teachers and students. On average, classes cap from 8-18 students. Larger lecture seminars may have more students.

5. When should students apply to the Olivet Institute of Technology?

Students can apply up to 2 years in advance. Students should apply and register at least 6 months before the start of each semester in order to be guaranteed courses and specific class times. Olivet Institute of Technology accepts applications and registers students for classes through the second week of school.
Students may apply for Olivet Institute of Technology online . For more information on Applications, please visit: Admissions.

6. Can students get help with part time work while in school?

The College's Career Services Department offers internships and part-time job opportunities. For more information visit:
Internships, and Student Jobs.