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All applicants are encouraged to tour oit online learning environment or campus before enrolling. Before enrolling, all applicants must also fill out an Enrollment Agreement and submit a deposit in accordance with the Student Fees and Payment schedule. A parent or legal guardian must sign the Enrollment Agreement if the applicant is under 18 years of age.

In the application, all applicants must provide:

• A written statement describing personal faith in Jesus Christ as it relates to a Christian conversion experience (normally at least one year previous to enrollment) and/or development in Christian character

• Evidence of Christian character and potential for effectiveness in Christian ministry, as evinced by at least one letter of reference from an Evangelical Assembly of Presbyterian Churches (EAPC) pastor

• A personal essay describing the purpose in applying to oit

Upon completion of all admissions requirements, OIT admissions personnel will review the information and inform applicants whether or not they have been accepted for enrollment. Prospective students are encouraged to discuss plans, goals, and questions with Olivet admissions staff during this application process.

To request application forms and instructions, call (415) 371-0002,
or visit Applicants can also write to:

Olivet Institute of Technology
Attn: Admissions
1025 Howard Street
San Francisco , CA 94103