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OIT Graduates Develop Tagging Technology to Help Digital Publications

A team of Olivet Institute of Technology graduates worked with Olivet University Research and Development Center to develop new text taxonomy and tagging technology that would help online newspapers categorize their contents more efficiently.

Data Exchanges Explored Though Web Service & Programming

Olivet Institute of Technology, OIT, looks to equip students with the latest information and data exchanges, concepts, as well as successful practices of web services this quarter

Olivet to Upgrade Online Education System

Olivet Institute of Technology, OIT, is preparing to upgrade its online education system for classes next quarter..

OIT Gets Hands-On Before Fall Quarter

Olivet Institute of Technology, OIT, wrapped up its 2015 summer program last week and received overall positive feedbacks from faculty and students.

OIT Highlights Capstone Projects Results

Olivet Institute of Technology, OIT, presented the results of students, Capstone projects last week at its San Francisco, CA location.