Our students, faculty, and staff collaborate to develop and harness world-class technologies to create academic, spiritual, and economic value. Join us as we continually enhance and deliver an academic program suitable for today’s generation.
Infused with a Christian worldview, our program aims to deliver top-notch instruction while giving students a more holistic outlook on how their work impacts the world around them.
We are building upon the technological research efforts of countless men and women who made the Silicon Valley what it is today. Artificial intelligence, security infrastructure and cloud computing, are some of the areas where we are working to make the future.

About the Institute

One of the founding colleges of Olivet University, the Olivet Institute of Technology has driven new ways of thinking about the limits of ministry since 2004. Today, OIT is an intellectual destination that draws ministry bound men and women with a passion for technology to its Campuses in the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California and many research and extension offering opportunities across the country.

Our Programs

OIT information Technology programs are made for those seeking to connect a passion for technology with a calling to ministry.

OIT Departments

Graduate students may choose to
concentrate on courses from the following fields.
Web and Mobile Applicaton Development
Network and Distributed Computing
Data science and Artificial Intelligence
Software Engineering

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