Olivet College of Information Technology Steps Up to Web 2.0

  • December 15, 2006

In the emergence of new internet technology practices seen through Web 2.0, Olivet College of Information Technology will be offering revised courses with particular emphasis of security and development practices.

The internet is making a shift in paradigm as Web 2.0 is increasing becoming more prevalent in Internet based services.  No longer is information isolated and static, but there is a transition towards the end-user.  In essence, the website is becoming more of a community and decentralized.

"The internet is becoming more complicated as developers are tailoring web applications for the next era of the web," said William Wong, OCIT programs director.  "We are trying to bring our students up to speed here."

Client-Side Technology is one such course since much of web applications are heavily reliant on JavaScript and a coupled scripting language.  Two additional security courses will offer greater handling of robust application usage.

Nevertheless, Olivet College of Information Technology will continue to enrich its curriculum as the Internet develops.