Students Collaborate on Infosys Servers

  • January 22, 2007

The staff at Information Systems have been preparing for the upcoming spring semester of 2007 by upgrading and maintaining their servers in a collaborative effort with students from the Olivet College of Information Technology (OCIT).  The development of the newly upgraded systems will provide greater stability and security to the central networks here at the university.

Students from OCIT used the knowledge learned from courses in Core Hardware and Operating System Technology, and Computer Network Security Concepts and Forensics, to support the Infosys staff in developing the server technology.

"This is one of those things where students can get hands on experience with their respective majors," commented Shih-Zhih Hong, a senior from OCIT.  "I was able to gain greater understanding of the technology."

The upgrades will affect mainly the backend of the systems for more stable servicing.  The collaborative effort is an opportunity for students to gain professional experience and share innovation. 

William Wong, director of Information Systems, also acknowledged, "I look forward to what future students may offer as we continue with research and development.  These students are very bright."