Ministry Practice Students Develop Media Rich Web Applications

  • February 13, 2007

One of the highlights of the Spring Semester is the development of media rich web applications by students in the ministry practice program.  Through the program, students gain hands on experience and are learning about the various web features in today's demanding web industry.

Some of the projects they work on involve video, audio, and imaging.  These are media that supports the many dynamic and community based websites where the focus is person to person interaction. 

May it be a flash video or MP3 player, the purpose is to learn about what is involved in developing such projects.  Each step in the development process adds to the student's understanding of web construction, starting from the hardware components and ending with the coding of software. 

Students intern in active group and business rich environments.  Such professional training is important in the transition from the university to corporate settings.  Project requirements, organization, and time schedules are rigorously emphasized.  

As the semester continues, we have yet to see what new innovations students may think up.