OIT Expands Capstone Project

  • August 18, 2009

The Olivet Institute of Technology (OIT) plans to expand the Capstone Project in the coming academic year to incorporate aspects of the College's Ministry Practice Program.  Both programs have similar goals in preparing students for practical work-related experiences that students will face after graduation.

The Capstone Project is a graduation requirement for OIT students.  They complete the project in their fields of study under the supervision of a faculty member and write an accompanying research paper to present their findings.  Since students often choose projects in the field of technology that they are most interested in pursuing after graduation, it follows to combine it with elements of the Ministry Practice Program, which allows students to gain internship experience in those fields.

“Combining the programs together is a great idea and important step for both programs,” commented by Dr. Ching Cheng Lee, Dean of OIT.  “Students interns will have access to a wide range of resources for their capstone projects, which will give them an opportunity to do research and write a quality paper.”
The revised programs are set to launch in the upcoming academic year with students who enroll into the Ministry Practice Program for the first time. Capstone proposals will continue to be accepted by faculty members responsible for ensuring students are making timely progress in their research.