Featured Technology Courses in Spring 2010

  • February 20, 2010

This semester, Olivet Institute of Technology (OIT) is featuring the course IT500 Operating Systems, part of the Institute’s Master of Arts in Information Technology program. The 3-unit course is taught by Dean of Olivet Institute of Technology Dr. Cheng-Ching Lee, who has rich experience in the area of operating systems. 

IT500 is a beginning level graduate course designed to equip students with essential knowledge about computer operating systems and related skills using the case study teaching method. Dr. Lee, who formerly worked at SUN Microsystems, IBM, and also teaches in the Math and Computer Science Department of California State University at Hayward, will introduce a variety of concepts, including an overview of operating systems, system architectures, general process management, CPU scheduling, process synchronization, and virtual memory.

Besides IT500, OIT is providing independent study opportunities to graduate-level students interested in pursuing individual or team research projects. Module courses, which usually take the form of introductory seminars, are also being offered to the entire Olivet community this spring in the subjects of desktop programming, web programming and web technology.