OU Establishes New Center for WEA Leadership Institute, IT Commission

  • May 22, 2012

SANTA CRUZ , Calif. – Olivet University  has allocated a portion of its new Santa Cruz campus for use by the Leadership Institute and Information Technology Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance.

 The facilities, formerly known collectively as the Vickery Center, consist of over 30 offices including a 500-square foot seminar room, a conference room and a lounge.  In total, the buildings comprise over 14,400 square feet.

 "This center is dedicated to serve our global community in bringing about the kingdom of God," said the Rev. Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, General Secretary of the WEA, during a dedication service for the new facilities last week.

 According to the WEA, which OU is a global partner of, the new facility will serve as a world-class training center for both onsite and online participants; an international and web-based resource center (WEAresources.org) for the dissemination of online and other resources for leaders; and an accommodation for onsite training opportunities, workshops and conferences. 

 Its purpose is "to train Christian leaders and empower them to a new level," noted OU Vice President Dr. Ray Tallman, who also serves as president of the recently revived Bethany University and chairman of the World Evangelical Theological Institute Association at OU.

 "We envision a greater expansion of our reach and role,” added Dr. Rob Brynjolfson, Director of the WEA Leadership Institute. “This new center will not only house our training programs, but will serve as a base of operations for both our resource center and an international research center."

 During last Thursday's dedication, Dr. Brynjolfson said the Leadership Institute’s mission is to raise up leaders to abide in the Lord and to abound in fruitful ministry.  The research conducted will not only help the WEA better understand its members needs but also serve their needs more effectively, he added.  The center will also disseminate information in multiple languages in order to be used by WEA members and the wider evangelical community.

 "We are so thankful for the generosity of OU and supporters around the world to bring us to this place of growth,” remarked Dr. Tunnicliffe.

 “God is opening tremendous doors," he added. "We want help raise new leaders to be led by Jesus, to lead like Jesus, and to lead people to Jesus.  We dedicate this center to God's glory and His service around the world."

 The WEA Leadership Institute was officially launched as a WEA initiative during the General Assembly in Pattaya, Thailand, in October 2008. The mandate of the Leadership Institute is to strengthen national evangelical alliances by developing effective leaders.  In 2010, it moved its headquarters to New York City and then expanded to Binghamton in 2011. The new office is located at 125 Bethany Drive in Scotts Valley, California.