IT Students Developing Anti-Plagiarism Software Project

  • March 13, 2013

Olivet University IT students are collaborating with the school's Research and Development department to begin an anti-plagiarism project through software development.  Several Olivet Information Technology students will present the completed software as their final project for this quarter.

All institutions deal with the universal challenges of preventing and detecting plagiarism in student work. Cheating has become easier in today’s digital age.  Copying and pasting materials from the web onto assignments are causing concerns for faculty who have to monitor a growing number of student in their class.

The challenge Olivet University IT students are taking on involves developing a system to detect the articles by running algorithms to sift through thousands of past articles in attempts of detecting plagiarism.  Upon completion, students will gain experience in developing the algorithms from scratch and be able to apply more sophisticated functions on top of what they developed. 

Students are encouraged to test whatever approach is valid and acceptable as long as they can solve the problem. The OIT courses have equipped them with the basic algorithm ideas and programming skills.

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