Olivet University IT Experiments SEO Lab

  • March 20, 2013

Information Technology students from Olivet University have begun experimenting with SEO and its basic mathematical model of Google's result ranking algorithm. It was an attempt to apply a scientific model to SEO statistics analysis.

Search engine optimization (SEO) affects how websites appear on a search engine based on natural and organic search results.  With research into white hat SEO, students are testing in order to improve website traffic.  IT students combine back links and inbound links along with editing contents on the websites HTML coding combined with removal of barriers connected to indexing.

With basics, Olivet University IT students can dive more in depth on how keyword, title, meta, URL and content are related to keyword ranking algorithms. Through the research, students hope to apply the SEO work towards websites and augmenting traffic.

Olivet Institute of Technology encourages students to work in labs to expand their knowledge and skills learned through the classroom.

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