IT Students' Android Mobile Apps, from Concept to Product

  • May 15, 2013

The newly opened course for android development is growing quite popular among the students at Olivet University's IT College. Olivet Institute of Technology's instructor Dr. Thang Duong's experience in the industry can be seen in his enthusiasm to help students realize their idea from concept to final product. The course provided Android tablets for each student in helping them develop new apps. Near the end of the quarter, students were divided into groups and collaborated on building their own apps, which were then submitted into the app store.

Dr. Duong's course implements the fundamentals of software development for Android platforms, and basic Java development excursions into advanced mobile device development. The projects allowed open-ended discussion for trying new ideas, which went from idea to production. Upon completion of the course, students had development fundamentals for Android platforms down and were able to apply various API's to their published apps.

Instructor Dr. Thang Duong earned his PhD in Vision Science from UC Berkeley and is currently a Partner and Interim Director of Engineering at Menuface and owns his own business Quantee Analytics, LLC.