Student-Developed Search Engine For Ministry

  • July 08, 2013

Olivet University's Institute of Technology, OIT, graduate students are teaming up with OIT alumni to build out a search engine for enhanced functionality and produce improved search results.  The solution involves looking at its current method of data sharing networks and tweaks the data gathering and search process to generate more relevant results. 

Olivet Institute of Technology students investigate into controlling the depth of crawling with robots.txt rules.  Other parts include parsing the content according to keywords and creating indexes with greater relevance to content as well as optimizing the index for faster search results.  Parts of the development and research will be happening during the Information Storage and Retrieval course this fall quarter.

The technique of search engine is a small piece of cloud of the search engine of Christian world. "It can contribute to web evangelism and influence the global culture in near future." Shared the developer of this search engine.

The results of this research project can contribute to web evangelism for a global audience. The trends in ministries have included increasing searches and data visibility that is more specific to targeted users.  Content ranges from photos, news, social media, and videos.  The customized search engines project is planned to be an extraordinary opportunity for research and entrepreneurial opportunities for Olivet students.