OIT Wraps Up Summer Coding Camp

  • August 20, 2013

IT and design Students collaborated on a one-month intensive coding camp this summer quarter in order to sharpen their front-end web development and creativity skills for fall.  The Coding Camp collaboration was spearheaded by the college directors from Olivet University's Institute of Technology and Olivet College of Art & Design.

The camp consisted of three parts for beginning to intermediate students.  Advanced students and professional web developers participated by holding mini tutorials while making themselves available for assistance during the sessions.  Real Git formed the first part providing sessions for students to use Git within a work environment.  Topics covered Git basics, staging and remotes, cloning and branching, collaboration basics and rebase.  Part two consisted of Javascript, starting from basis concepts to more advanced framework.  Topics within this section included jQuery, Ajax, jQuery Plugin, coffeescript and backbone.js.  The final part covered HTML5 / CSS3 for use towards user interface designs.

Students from both IT and design backgrounds had the opportunity to learn hands on in preparation for fall’s curriculum where students studying in the field of web development will need to possess technical and aesthetic understandings