Tech Students and Alumni Team Up for Social Media Marketing

  • October 23, 2013

Students from the Olivet Institute of Technology collaborated with Olivet University business and IT alumni for social media marketing research for various non-profit Christian organizations.  The project involved participating students from both the University's IT and Business college.  Together they worked on finding ways to enhance online social media marketing techniques and tools for ministries.

One group took to Google Ad words and Twitter to increase traffic and online visibility.  Working with a small budget, the teams tracked their progress and strategized on maximizing results with limited funds.  Through the process, students gained better understanding on marketing while contributing to a good cause.  The selected organizations saw dramatic increases in their online visitors, tracked by stat counter tools.

Another team looked into Facebook API to experiment with an analyst system on promoting ads for best ROI, return on investment.  Students worked on developing the api, web page crawling, and data mining.  The program involved generating templates for online ads and using the algorithm to target different groups of visitors and geographic regions.

Social media marketing holds big potential for reaching new audiences.  API and ads have proved to be successful in the commercial arena and through the project, Olivet students hope to reach more people online towards ministry and church.