Olivet Technology Courses Fuse Theory with Practice

  • February 13, 2015

Olivet Institute of Technology, OIT, concentrated on computer architecture and oop programming design that combines theory with practice during the 2015 Winter Quarter. Through its Operate System, Statistical Computing, Distributed Systems and Object-Oriented Design and Programming., the courses are designed to build the foundation of the basic structure in computer science.

The Operate System course covered a broad spectrum of topics, which encompassed system architecture, software abstractions, distributed algorithms, and issues pertaining to distributed environments such as security.  Olivet technology students learned theory which applied to more practical uses such as remote procedure/method calls, firewalls, distributed file systems, clustering, and authentication security.

In OIT’s statistics, the course is used to analyze, interpret, and predict outcomes from data.  It serves as a platform towards Data Science and Machine Learning.

Students explored descriptive statistics, inferential statistics and data analysis with R programming language. There were interesting applications to the course that allowed students to use critical values in making decisions on whether or not a treatment has changed the value of a population parameter.

OIT’s Distributed Systems Course trained students with practical skill in modern software technology. Tech students explored distributed applications such as the web, email, file sharing and multi-user gaming.  Through these exemplars, they received experience with theory that will be real-world distributed system case studies in handling bigger database information like Apache Hadoop.