OIT to Launch New Capstone Project Next Fall

  • June 29, 2015

Faculty from the Olivet Institute of Technology convened last week and made plans to launch a new Capstone Project program for the upcoming Fall term. The project aims to enforce academic studies and allow more hands on practice for MA students in the Information Technology field.

The capstone project provides an opportunity for students to apply what they've learned to a certain project of his/her own interest. It is the final requirement of the Master of Art in Information Technology degree offered by Olivet University.

“The new curriculum emphasizes innovation, problem -solving skills, outcome -driven procedure, teamwork and startup environment,” said assistant director Ray Lei.

“As we are based in the center of world’s Information Technology , the institute strongly encourages our students to apply their knowledge and skills to solve in-field problems and create new technologies that would better serve ministry.” Lei continued.

OIT aims to provide the best education for talented people and equip them to utilize the latest information technology effectively for Christian ministries in the postmodern internet era.